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A&E's Resident Sex Expert Continued

Dear Jason,

The taboo pleasures of prostate stimulation hasn't gone by unnoticed… did you see Road Trip when one of the characters succumbs to anal seduction by the nurse in order to give a semen sample? Male anal play goes all the way back to the dawn of time and was especially popular in Greek and Roman cultures. Many men incorporate anal stimulation into their sexualities or at the very least have experimented with it. This can be a whole new aspect to sex that is just waiting to be explored. And I've heard that the orgasm associated with it can be quite intense.

So, if you're interested in prostate stimulation there are a few things you should know. Number one is to separate anal play from the concept that it "makes you gay". The fact that your body may respond to a physical sensation has nothing to do with your sexual identity.

Lube is your friend… use it! Your anus doesn't have as much natural lubrication so invest in some good lube. There are now specific brands that are a little thicker available for anal play. Novices should especially be using lube to avoid anal tears and bleeding. I believe that some people who have tried anal sex have ended up hating it just because they didn't use any. It can profoundly change the experience.

Take the process slow. Anal penetration (whether on a male or a female) is not something you dive right into and especially not with a 10 inch strap-on dildo. Start with some external stimulation and the just have your girlfriend gradually work her way in with her fingers - watch for long nails though (ouch). If she feels uncomfortable about using her fingers or there's concern about safety or cleanliness, she could always use a pair of latex glove during insertion.

I would suggest starting with fingers, moving to smaller anal dildos, plugs, or vibes and then eventually working up to a strap-on. Strap-ons can be a little tricky in the fact that there's no sensation of depth for the person who is using it on the other. Which means that your girlfriend won't be able to tell through a piece of rubber or silicon how far she's going in, how tight the anus is, or how much friction she's creating by pumping in and out, or if the lube might be drying out. Therefore, you've got to be very clear to communicate with your girlfriend about what feels good and what doesn't. The person who is getting penetrated should actually be the one in control. If your girlfriend is looking for a little sensation for herself, there are strap-ons that have clitoral stimulators on the inside of the mounting piece that rubs her clitoris as she's penetrating you. In fact, it might be helpful for you to first try stimulating yourself before you hand over that honor to someone else. That way you'll know what you like ahead of time and can really control the experience.

Dr. Kat


Valentine's Day Gift Guide Continued

It doesn't matter if you're male or female. The odds are pretty good that your lover will like you in anything as long as it's lacy and skimpy... emphasis on skimpy.

Silicone Triple Orgasm Cock Ring
It doesn't matter if you're male or female. The odds are pretty good that your lover will like you in anything as long as it's lacy and skimpy… emphasis on skimpy.

Under the Bed Restraint System
Sized to fit any bed, these Velcro restraints fit underneath the mattress for discreet fun. Just pull them out when it's time to play and tuck them back under the mattress to avoid any embarrassing questions.


February 1st is National Wear Red Day Continued

All day at work, or school or at home Friday, February 1, wear red to support the efforts of the American Heart Association. Education, research, awareness and community programs combine to help women fight heart disease. If you're a woman or know one - check it out.

As for Friday night, February 1, that's where we come in. Besides, if wearing red lingerie or having some red sex toys lying around leads to sex, you're both on the way to a great workout.

Did you know you can find red lingerie at with just a few clicks? Click on Lingerie in the products bar on the home page, then on the left side of the screen, click on the red square under colors.

Adam & Eve customer favorites in red lingerie include...

Crotchless Lace-Up Shorts
It's all about the booty. Also in Queen and Diva sizes.

2Pc Hollywood Chemise Set
Drama and excitement worthy of tinsel town.

Unwrap Me Teddy
Unique bow styling turns the wearer into present waiting to be opened!

Sexiest Halter Babydoll
Classic halter styling brings out the flirt in you and shows off your legs.

Red Satin Corset
Looks great in our out of the bedroom. Also available in sizes above 2-12.

Sex toys in red plastic or other materials? Why not! Just go to the home page, click on Sex Toys and scroll down a teeny bit to select the color RED. Here are some customer favorites for your own scarlet fantasies...

Ringo's Cock Ring
This will keep him harder, longer. But no guarantee on his drumming skills.

Extreme Toys Collection
Now this is a party waiting to happen! Vibrator, ben-wa balls, anal beads, oh my!

Sexy Slave Kit
It's fifty shades of erotic fun in one handy kit.

Studio Collection Lipstick Vibrator
Keep one in your purse, car or luggage. No one can tell it's a vibrator!


Singles Awareness Day Is February 15th Continued

- Celebrate Your Narrow Escapes. That person you dated with the mile-long rap sheet? That one who demanded you ‘break up' with your friends and family? Commemorate getting away from the crazy Ex by shredding or torching old mementos. (Note: If you're thinking arson here, you might be the crazy ex.)

- Throw a S.A.D. Party. There's just one rule: no couples allowed! Invite all your single friends for a night in with drinks, snacks, and music that champions the single life. Or get everyone all gussied up and hit the bars or clubs for a night so wild, you'll all be lucky to remember it.

- Update Your Online Profile. Many single people are lovin' it. But if you're not, get back on the horse by putting up a profile and looking for your Mr./Mrs. Right. Even if you don't hit it off right away, you'll know that there are plenty of others flying the Singles flag.

- Have An Amazing Orgasm. Nobody gets you off like you do, and with Adam & Eve's help, you can get the gear to get you there. Guys, take home bestselling strokers like the Fleshlight or the Super Head Honcho. Girls, pick up a hot vibe like the Waterproof Rabbit Pearl or the classic Hitachi Wand Massager. They're all right here waiting at '



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