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A&E's Resident Sex Expert Continued

here for you and your wife is whether you both want to leave this desire in fantasy-land or make it a reality. I will say that very often the idea of it is more tantalizing than the real thing.

After all, you have to find an additional willing partner. Many people prefer to have the third-party not emotionally involved – meaning they tend to be a stranger or acquaintance. For some, having a stranger involved is apart of the turn on. However, it isn't uncommon that I will talk with couples who have used a friend because they have felt more comfortable with the situation. But there in lies the rub (so to speak ), do you go with some one more anonymous or someone you think you can trust? Regardless, as I am sure you are aware, you need to be safe with whomever you engage so that means condoms.

Beyond that, you have to think about how this will affect the relationship you have with your wife. It may be that just leaving it as a fantasy to act out is more viable for you. You can use cuckold videos or encourage her to masturbate with a realistic dildo while talking dirty. Or, if you are more serious, I suggest you check out the cuckold websites there are out there to get ideas on how to incorporate it into your sexual lifestyle.

Dr. Kat


Have A Very Naughty Christmas! Continued

• Give The Gift Of Love. Anyone can slap a bow on themselves. But to really make yourself into a present, get several yards of wide satin ribbon from your local fabric store. Wind the ribbon around your hips and chest to create a sexy outfit your lover can 'unwrap'. Don't forget to finish with a big red bow!

• North Pole Roleplay. Stay with us on this one – if you like other types of roleplay, there's no time like December to get in the holiday spirit. Try being the sexy housewife who eats Santa's cookies and gets caught by Jolly Old St. Nick coming down the chimney. Or maybe you're the naughty elf who keeps Ms. Claus company while Santa is away. You could even be the hottie who sits on the mall Santa's lap and gets a big surprise.

• Taste The Season. This time of year, kitchens are overflowing with treats. So grab a candy cane, take a lick, then take a lick of his 'Yule Log' for a fun, minty blowjob. A little melted chocolate or syrup can be drizzled on the body for delicious foreplay.

Need a little holiday help? Adam & Eve's got sexy lingerie, flavored lubes, and thrilling adult toys and games that'll bring you cheer all year round.


And Don't Forget The Foreplay Continued

Sexperts suggest avoiding the penis and vagina at first – more kissing, talking dirty, more caressing and holding.

While you're building that emotional connection with each other, try the following if you haven't already.

• Talk about your fantasies with each other, if you're both comfortable watching a few minutes of an adult DVD, that could generate some wild ideas, too.

• Play a game naked

• Do stuff together naked - shower, dance, put away the dishes, get creative

• Massage with oils and flavored lotions

• Touch each other - caress his face, run your fingers through her hair, squeeze his butt cheeks, even a tickle here and there

But most importantly, talk to each other as you explore each other's body. Ask "does this feel good" or "what turned you on last time?"

The answer may shock-and delight-both of you.


Christmas Wish List Continued

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2. Under the Bed Restraint System Designed to fit almost any bed, this best-selling bondage system slips under your mattress for naughty fun. There aren't any complicated knots, messy installation, or hardware to required. And you can tuck it all under the sheets when you're finished so no one's the wiser!

1. We-Vibe III Valued by couples worldwide for their unique ability to be used during sex to stimulate her clit and G-Spot and his penis, We-Vibes are some of the hottest and most popular sex toys on the market. And the We-Vibe 4 is the best one yet with a new compact design that better fits your body, as many as 60 different vibration settings to try, and an improved wireless remote!

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