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A&E's Resident Sex Expert Continued

Hi Penny,

The vagina is an amazing body part for sure. Despite the changes of the female body, you know the big ones: your first time, childbirth, and menopause; it has a tendency to adjust to new conditions. That's why there tends not to be any penis too big or too small. With the right lube and "warming up" most vaginas can handle just about anything thrown at them -- er, in them, I mean.

Now this being said, it does not mean that some people aren't as happy as they could be with the limits of their vagina. Some people do feel "stretched out" following long term use of large sex toys or childbirth. This is a matter of individual preference. This goes for the anus too. Although the anus, has slightly less flexibility in returning to it's original form.

The answer to keeping both as tight as your body can maintain is the pubococcygeus muscle (or as we know it on the street, the PC muscle). This muscle forms a figure eight shape around both your vagina and anus. It's the same in men in that it goes around the base of the penis and anus. The stronger this muscle is the more control and theoretically the tighter these orifices will be. Many people believe they also have more intense orgasms with strong PC muscles.

Giving them a work out can be as easy as flexing the muscles (it's that muscle that stops the flow of urine) any time you'd like. You can even be a little covert about it and do it at work, on the train or as you are watching TV. I also suggest flexing these muscles while you have a penis or sex toy in your vagina to increase its grip.

Kegel balls are another option. You can insert them and see how long you can keep them in. You know, while you're cleaning the house or finishing that report for your boss. No one has to be the wiser. You can find many options at

Dr. Kat



Mark Your Calendars for Lover's Day Continued

4. Create a romantic setting. Provided you do all the planning ahead of time, you can easily create a super romantic setting anywhere in just a few minutes. Start by covering the area with candles. Put on some romantic music, turn off the lights, and you're ready to go. If you want to go the extra mile, you could pull the sheets back and cover the bed with rose petals. Or you could run a warm bath with scented oils.

5. Make the evening all about your lover. Instead of focusing on your needs, put your partner's wants and desires first. Whether this means extensive foreplay or doing that thing you swore never to do, your generosity is sure to be rewarded in the near future!


It's April, So Battle Stress With Sex Continued

- Spending some time with a loved one or friend
- Meditating
- Yoga-ing

Stress can also deal a severe blow to your libido. It's hard to be "in the mood" when you're freaked out about some problem in your life. But is there any truth to the idea that sex can actually lower stress and anxiety?

An Arizona State University study of 58 middle aged women found that physical affection or sexual behavior with a partner lowered negative moods and stress.

These same ladies were also more likely to have sex the next day. Yes, to enjoy the possibility of enjoying more sex you actually have to do it in the first place. Adam & Eve has hundreds of toys, lotions, lingerie, DVDs to help set the mood and set your ship of sex a-sailing. It can start with just a nice candle-lit massage. Just visiting the Adam & Eve website with your partner can start a fun conversation...and who knows what else!

It pays to screw: a study in Scotland found that people enjoyed lower blood pressure during stressful situations like public speaking if they had recently engaged in sexual intercourse.

And let's not leave orgasms out -- the oxytocin released during orgasm promotes sleep, research shows –– and getting enough sleep is another great way to fight the Stress Monster.

Next time you're at the end of your rope, don't wait until April to take a long walk, read a book or visit with your lover. Do it now.


Make An Amazing Sex Tape Continued

3) Do Some Landscaping. You'll want to look your very best on camera, so now's the time for a little strategic shaving and trimming, adding concealer to those pesky blemishes, and making sure your wardrobe is flattering. Also take a look at the area you'll be filming in – your sex tape could become the ‘Dirty Sock Diaries' if you haven't straightened up beforehand.

4) Discuss Choreography. Missionary? Cowgirl? Spinning piledriver? An easy way to take the pressure off during a sex tape is to decide which positions you'd like to do beforehand, how you'll undress, or which toys you'll use. But don't be afraid to be spontaneous if the mood takes over!

5) Take Two. Or three, or four. If a take doesn't go perfectly, you can always shoot it again. Another easy way to add visual interest to your sex tape is to stop and change the angle of the camera so it best captures the action. You can also stop and take a break for water, for touching up your appearance, or for setting up toys or other props. Or you can switch to holding the camera yourself for point-of-view style shots.

6) Add The Finishing Touches. Even the most basic digital movie making software can give your sex tape an added layer of polish. Select the best of your footage and use it to cut together a spicy, seamless sex tape that you can be proud of!

Need sex toys, lingerie, erotic bondage toys, lube, or more to make a steamy sex tape? Check out Adam & Eve's latest arrivals and find the perfect co-star.



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