Rechargebale Vibrators

Rechargeable or Battery Free Vibrators

TIf you've ever wanted a powerful vibrator with no cords and an endless supply of juice Rechargeable Vibrators are the sex toy for you. Come experience the best of both worlds with rechargeable vibrators: you'll be free from buying endless batteries, and you'll enjoy the portability of a cordless love machine!

What are Rechargeable Vibrators?

Rechargeable vibrators, sit on a charging base much like a cordless phone or cordless power tool, rather than relying on regular batteries. Rechargeable vibrators do tend to be more expensive then a battery operated vibrators but these sex toys are truly worth the extra money. They have a longer life and you are sure to get years of use and orgasms from them. After you've played to your heart's content, you can simply plug in your passion partner and get ready to get juiced up all over again!

Adam and Eve carries a small but exclusive selection of rechargeable vibrators. One of our most popular options is the Rechargeable Jack Rabbit. It's no surprise that the Rabbit got the deluxe treatment; this little bunny has been in demand worldwide since it rise to prominence in the last few years. This playful sex toy features a fat, rotating head, a satisfying six-inch shaft, massaging beads and, of course, a clitoral stimulator complete with soft, fluttering "bunny ears" to make you hop in delight. Fully charged, this vibrator will bring your horniest fantasies to life for more than an hour.

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