What Are Love Dolls?

If you don’t know much about Love Dolls (aka Sex Dolls or Blow-up Dolls), this is for you. Love Dolls are sex toys that were created to simulate sex. Most Love Dolls are female with three holes: oral, vaginal, and anal. A Love Doll’s intended purpose is for male masturbatory pleasure, but they are often used as gag gifts as well. There are varying qualities of Love Dolls, from the ultra-realistic and molded to the almost 2-dimensional non-realistic models, and every degree in between. Sometimes the “holes” on a Love Doll have a vibrator or pocket pussy/masturbator feature as well.

Using Your Love Doll

The purpose of a Love Doll is in the name. It is a doll used for the simulation of “love”—or more specifically, sex. Single men looking for more than a masturbation sleeve can find relief in the “real” qualities that Love/Sex Dolls offer.

Having sex with a Love Doll is obviously going to be different than with a human partner, because the doll is made of plastic. You most definitely want to use sex lube, because Love Dolls don’t have any lubrication. Even dolls that come with Cyberskin pussy or mouth should be used with lube. This will make your experience far more enjoyable and comfortable. You may also consider using a condom with your Love Doll for easier clean up.

Speaking of cleaning, it’s important that you clean your Love Doll after every use. Read about cleaning your sex doll here.

"Real Doll" Love Dolls

The highest-end version of a Love Doll is a “Real Doll.” These Love Dolls are incredibly realistic right down to their eyes, which you can actually change to be awake or sleeping. Real Dolls are custom ordered and can be personalized to exactly how the customer wants it. For the Love Doll connoisseur, realistic sex toys are a great investment.

Real Dolls are one the most expensive adult sex products available, often costing several thousand dollars. However, they are a cherished part of the private lives of their purchasers. There have been several documentaries about “Real Dolls” and their owners. There's even a Hollywood movie about a man and his doll! This goes to show that adult toys and products are becoming more and more mainstream every year.

Sex Fantasies and Love Dolls

Sex with a Love Doll doesn’t have to be solo-themed. They are great for creating or fulfilling a threesome sex fantasy, because you don't have to worry about jealousy or bringing another personality into the bedroom. If you’re looking to fulfill a ménage-a-trios fantasy, approach your partner and explain that would like to use a Love Doll instead of a real person to satisfy this desire. You may be surprised by his or her willingness to try it. It never hurts to ask, right? Your relationship certainly won’t be threatened, and you could even name the doll. Then you could talk about “her” out in public with no one knowing “she” wasn’t real.

Love Doll Uses

In addition to the obvious masturbatory use, a Love Doll can be used in many other situations as well. They are great way to liven up a bachelor/ bachelorette party or costume party. And they make for great gag gifts. While they should never be used as a life-saving device, Love Dolls also make for a funny addition to any pool party.

Love Dolls come in all shapes and sizes with all different features, so there is something out there for everyone’s tastes. A lot of Love Dolls are even modeled after your favorite porn stars so you can feel that much closer to them in your own home. Just think what it would be like to really fuck adult superstar Sasha Grey (well, her Love Doll) while watching one of her adult movies.

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