What Are Flexible Vibrators?

At Adam and Eve, we bend over backwards to please our customers and so do our flexible vibrators. Made from a soft jelly material, these vibrators feel supple and downright lifelike as they turn and twist until you shout! Some even have internal "vertebrae" that you can manipulate to your heart's content. These vibrators are ideal because they will actually hold whatever shape you desire. Our vast variety of these ductile sex toys offers something for everyone, whether your tastes run to vanilla or downright exotic.

The best part about flexible vibrators is that these jelly jigglers allow you to bend them however you like, which means you can hit all the right spots. While the jelly material is perfect for those with an aversion to latex, keep in mind that it is porous, and make sure to clean your bendy buddies before and after use.

How to Use Flexible Vibrators

Flexible vibrators can obviously be used for vaginal penetration and stimulation but they are especially suited to those who are devoted to anal pleasures. The soft material is gentle on this extremely sensitive area and will bend to fit your own particular "kinks." For the ultimate satisfaction, test drive our dual penetration toys; you can insert both ends for dual anal and vaginal stimulation, use one end as a handle for thrusting, or bend it so you can use it with a partner!

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