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What Are Double Dildos

Double Dildos are, quite simply, extra long dildo sex toys with a head at either end. They are usually 12 inches or longer and made of soft, flexible material such as rubber, jelly or silicone. These delightful dildos can used alone or with a partner.

How to Use a Double Dildo

For sex toys that double your pleasure, nothing's better and more outrageous than a dual-headed dildo. These unusual-looking erotic pleasers can be used in a number of ways, either solo or with a partner. If you're using your new toy solo you can insert one end vaginally or anally and use the other end for thrusting. You can also insert one end vaginally and the other end anally for double penetration fun.

If you're using your double dildo with a partner you can allow them to control the thrusting with one end. Of cource, you can do the opposite so you are in control. And let's not forget about using it together. To do this, you keep one end for yourself, and it's placed wherever your heart desires. Then, you let your lover insert their end into their "end" of choice and you both ride to your hearts' content. This particular use take some creativity and a good sense of humor, but it is definitely fun.

Getting Started With Double Dildos

If you've never used one of these double dongs before, here are a few tips to get you started. The first thing you need of course is the double dildo. Adam & Eve has a nice selection of dildos to get you started, some come with ends of equal size, while other feature a thick end and a thinner end to change things up. There are also glass versions that are shorter than 12 inches but you can heat them up with hot water or cool down in the refrigerator. And there are the more traditonal double dildos made of jelly, silicone, latex and more.

Once you've choosen your toy get to know it. Stroke it softly, familiarizing yourself with the shape and textures of your new best friend. Then, work on arousing yourself with your fingers (or have a partner go down on you) until you're ready to really get to work! Make sure to use plenty of lube, and gently insert one end of the double dildo into your vagina. Once you feel comfortable, you can place the other end in your anus.

It's been said before and we're gonna say it again here: sex lube is a must! This is especially true if you're using this adventuresome toy to get a little backdoor action. Generally, water or silicone-based lubricants work well and won't degrade your toy, even after heavy use. Remember though - never use a silicone lube with a silicone toy, the lube will disintegrate the sex toy.

It's also important to remember cleanliness. Always clean your dildo with a sex toy cleaner or soap and water after using it. If you're using your dildo for anal stimulation or with multiple partners it's even more important that you take extras precautions to prevent passing bacteria. Using a condom each time you use your dildo is a great way to keep your toys clean. Just slid it on the didlo, have a great orgasm and when you're done simply take it off and throw the condom away.

Tips for Using Double Dildos With a Partner

When exploring the realm of double dildos with your partner, communication is essential. Make sure you and your partner tell each other what feels good and when it's time to stop. You can either use your double dildo while sitting and facing each other, with your legs bent and spread wide, or you can stand and bend over, back to back, while moving back and forth on your long dong. There are countless other positions to try, and you can discover them for yourself when you shop Adam and Eve, one of the most trusted suppliers of erotica and sex toys in the world.

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