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Vibrating Butt Plugs

SOOOOOOOO you’ve graduated from a sleek butt plug to a sleek vibrating butt plug and not to worry, vibrating butt plugs are just as intense and easy to start off anal plundering as its non-vibrating counterpart. If in fact you are completely new to butt plugs we’ll quickly cover what a butt plug is and why you might want this variety of anal sex toy to not only introduce your rump to the correct way to bump but why you might also enjoy some hum in your bum! Yikes with the puns, easy translation: butt plugs are perfect way to open yourself or your partner up to anal play and the addition of vibration in a butt plug is even better.

Butt Plug Basics

A butt plug is often a small shaft with a unique shape. There are all sizes when it comes to not only butt plugs but anal toys in general but small is the best way to start. Sporting a soft tapered head that gradually increases in size for smooth easy anal entry and the signature flared base that helps the rectal muscles keep the plug in place are the biggest visual clues you’ve got your hands, and soon your ass, on a butt plug.

Often made of rubber and more frequently silicone and a huge range of materials, the butt plug is the simplest but most effective way to satisfy AND heavily intensify orgasm for both males and females. Sounds too simple or maybe even boring? There is a reason a select few adult sex toys remain popular and relatively unchanged in design and feel in the adult market, they work! Butt plugs bring an erotic danger to foreplay, masturbation and sex because of the hands free design and continual stimulation, not to mention the fun of insertion on a willing and eager partner or yourself! So why bring any more bells and whistles into an already near perfect sex toy? The answer. An even better orgasm. Sexual exploration with toys is all about finding an even more stimulating way to enjoy one of life’s simplest pleasures. Ladies, remember your first dildo? Pretty amazing to have on-demand cock whenever YOU chose right? Then you must surely remember stepping up to your first vibrator; the introduction of battery powered stimulation focused on your clitoris made way for the tricked out all-in-one rabbit vibrator. It pulses, pounds and might even do the dishes. The point is adding vibration or a vibrating egg or to an already powerful satisfier like the butt plug can only lead to a happy ass!

Hello Happy Ass

Most vibrating butt plugs are either built into the plug or may fit into the base of the plug, this frees you up to use with or without the vibration and many use a wireless remote. Choosing a vibrating butt plug as opposed to a dildo-like anal toy with vibration is preferable because there is no chance that the butt plug will slip in too far or get stuck inside your rectum but with either, safety is always a must. If this is your first time combining vibration with a butt plug it’s a good idea to have a test run out of the box to get a feel for how intense the vibrations are so you can judge what you might enjoy. If this is your first time simply using a butt plug you might try inserting it without vibration, this will give you a chance to get used to the sensation of having it in your butt and what you like about it. Remember that the anus is very rich in nerve endings, so every sensation in this region is greatly magnified.

Now you’re ready to run and get some batteries, your favorite lube (and plenty of it!) and enjoy what could be your new best friend and with the addition of vibration, a definite friend with benefits.

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