What Are Traditional or Cylindrical Vibrators?

The classic erotic sex toy is still enjoyed by millions of men and women, and with good reason, traditional or cylindrical vibrators (the names are interchangeable) can help you explore your carnal desires and give you hours of enjoyment. At Adam & Eve, we offer dozens of traditional vibrators in a range of sizes and colors. However, just because they're classics doesn't mean that they're boring!

Traditional vibrators are simple, fuss free sex toys that get the job done. These cylindrical shaped sex toys are what most people imagine when they hear the word "vibrator". What they may lack in snappy extra features that come with higher-end vibrators, they make up for that by being highly dependable and relatively inexpensive. The majority of our traditional vibrators are five-and-a-half to seven inches long and one to one-and-three-quarter inches wide; about the size of the average male penis. There are two parts to the traditional vibrator, the insertable shaft and the end that houses the battery compartment.

With their rounded tip and smooth surface, traditional/cylindrical vibrators are useful for either clitoral stimulation or vaginal penetration. You can also use these vibrators against your man's testicles while performing oral sex for some extra zing. Please note that it is not recommended to use traditional cylindrical vibrators for anal penetration as they lack the flared base that ensures easy retrieval. Be sure to use a toy-safe sex lubricant with traditional cylindrical vibrators for an easier and more satisfying experience.

There's Nothing Ordinary About Traditional Vibrators

We have traditional vibrators that are smooth and featureless perfect for your own imaginings or full blown vibrator and sex toy kits with an assortment of sleeves and attachments to increase your pleasure. You can double, triple or even quadruple your pleasure with these exciting kits.

So what are you waiting for? Browse through our collection, and you're certain to find something that will tickle your . . . well, will tickle whatever you please. At Adam and Eve, we constantly update our stock with the latest and greatest sex toys and erotica you'll find anywhere.

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