All About Suction Based Dildos

What is a Suction Based Dildo?

Suction-based dildos offer a hands-free experience that will keep you bumping and grinding until your grand finale. These dildos look like traditional models, with one important difference: each has a suction cup at the base that can be used to attach it to the wall, the floor or anywhere else you please.

The possibilities are endless: picture pumping up and down on an anal pleaser solidly connected to the floor, or a hot, steamy, doggie-style encounter during your next shower!

With suction-based dildos, you can experience sensations and angles that previously would have required a partner. Plus, the suction cup will grip smooth surfaces so tightly, you won't have to worry about it popping off before you do. The best part about these sex toys, however, is that they leave your hands free, which means you can stroke yourself--or your partner--whenever you please without interruption.

How to Use Suction-Based Dildos

Before attaching one of these sex toys to your wall or floor, make sure both the surface and the suction cup are clean and that the surface (preferably non porous, such as linoleum or tile) is dry. Wet down the suction cup and press it to the surface firmly. Now you're ready to go! If the surface to which you attached the cup is dry and stays at relatively the same temperature, your dildo should stay in place indefinitely. However, if you're using your pussy pleaser in the shower, you'll want to check the seal periodically for stability.

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