Sex Toys and Sex Lubes

Lube and Sex Toys

While there are some sex toys that can safely be used without lube, picking the right lube can help protect most sex toys from overall damage and increases the sex toy’s lifespan. Using lube with your sex toy also greatly enhances the sex toy’s effectiveness and the sex toy user’s overall experience - especially with proper cleaning.

Picking the Right Sex Lube for your Adult Toy

You should always be careful which kind of lube you use with your sex toy. Using the wrong lube could damage your sex toy or greatly decrease its lifespan. Water-based lubes can be used safely with any sex toy. Oil or petroleum-based lubes can damage certain sex toys – particularly sex toys made from latex. Silicone-based lubes can be used with any sex toy that is not made from silicone.

Using Lube with your Sex Toys

Once you’ve selected a safe lube to use with your sex toy, you should carefully apply a small bit of lube to the toy as well as the body part you intend to use the toy on. If you have a dildo you want to use for anal penetration, you should apply the lube to your anus. There should be enough lube to solidly coat both surfaces. Note that depending on which type of lube you use, you might need to stop briefly to add more if the lube should dry out.

Cleaning Lube from your Sex Toys

To clean off the lube, you should wipe off the toy and yourself with warm, soapy water and then dry off with a towel. Water-based lubes are the easiest to clean off. Other lubes might prove more difficult to remove or can leave behind a sticky feeling that some people find unpleasant. There are also sex toy cleaners that are formulated to remove lubes from toys.


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