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Sex Furniture 101

What is "Sex Furniture"?

“Sex furniture” is a term that can be used to describe a variety of machines, restraints, harnesses, swings and pillows. They can all help to add some spice to your love-making and are a fantastic addition to any bedroom. Because sex furniture can range in price from the cost of dinner for two to hundreds of dollars, there is sure to be something to fit any budget.

The most basic sex furniture includes inflatable items and pillows. Inflatable items can be inflated and deflated quickly and tucked away discreetly, while love pillows can be left in plain sight – no one else knows what you use them for! Larger, more expensive items include the popular Liberator line of products that allow you to try new sex positions or enhance ones that you already enjoy. These sex furniture items can help to support your stomach or back, allowing for deeper penetration during sex and helping to make sex more enjoyable. Most inflatable items can be easily cleaned with some soap and warm water, while most love pillows are machine washable or have a cover that is able to be removed and washed in a washing machine just like an article of clothing.

Restraint Systems and Sex Swings

Sex furniture also includes items such as restraints and sex swings. Restraints can add some spice to your love life by introducing light (or heavy, depending on your style) bondage to the bedroom. In addition to the added thrill of bondage, some of these restraints help to enhance love-making by taking pressure off of your legs or back. This makes trying new sex positions easier and prevents sore muscles. Sex swings allow you to experience sex without the limitations of weight and gravity. This can be especially beneficial if one or both partners are overweight or disabled by making sex more comfortable. Most common sex swings include support for the buttocks and back, and stirrups for each leg. Others feature additional restraints or cuffs for the ankles or wrists to add an element of bondage to the sex swing. Sex swings can be simple and portable, with some that attach over the frame of any door, or they can be more elaborate and permanent which can attach to a sex swing stand or hung from your ceiling using simple hardware that is usually included. Whichever type of sex swing you choose, you’re sure to enjoy the new sensation of “weightless” sex with your partner.

Sex Machines

Some of the most expensive sex furniture items are sex machines. These powerful adult sex toys usually require an electrical outlet and can go for hours – no dead batteries here! These sex machines usually come with a dildo attachment, but some designed for men have a masturbator attachment as well. They simulate sex by moving the attachments in a thrusting motion and most have some type of remote control that allows you to control the speed of the machine. Sex machines usually feature an adjustable arm, allowing you to try many different positions like missionary, doggie, cowgirl and even standing. Sex machines are a great way to fulfill threesome fantasies with your partner while maintaining trust in a monogamous relationship.

As you can see, sex furniture can vary greatly depending on what you want to incorporate into your love life. Adam & Eve offers a wide variety of sex furniture to fit any budget, and also offers adult sex toys, lubricants and sex toy cleaners that go great with any sex furniture item.

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