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Kayden Kross Interview

Interview with Kayden Kross


What sort of reactions did you get from friends/family when you told them you were going to act in porn?

I broke them in slowly so by the time I started boy/girl scenes there wasn’t any problem. Now I can talk about it openly with them.


What'd you do after you got your first paycheck?

I drove it straight to the bank and ended up making friends with the cashier when he saw that it was very obviously a porn check.


What does the set smell like, how do you put up with it?

It depends. Sets with anal scenes have a distinctive hospital smell because of the enemas. Not sexy.


Do you get bored, what do you do in the down time, is there a lot of down time?

I never get bored. I look forward to having a solid block of time off.


How much of a sex scene is "acting"?

I think I’m louder than I would be in private but I’m not much of an actress so my scenes are pretty realistic.


How long does the average sex scene take to shoot?

I’ve never spent more than an hour shooting. I’ve spent many many hours waiting to shoot though…


Can you tell us a funny story from one of your films?

My very first scene was with a guy whose dick didn’t fit in my mouth, so the blow job part is all but absent. They filmed a few licks and went straight to sex. We ran into some size issues there too but worked through it.


Who is your favorite adult star to work with?

I have a few. I like Tommy Gunn, Nick Manning, and Stephen St. Croix a lot because they bring so much energy to the scene.


What are your plans when you are done with the sex industry?

I want to run a horse rescue.


Do you have any items that Adam and Eve sells that you really like/use/own? Movies or toys.

Not yet. I’m still too new.


Kayden, what types of tricks can your miniature horse do? Is it really house-trained?

We’re working on the house training part. I taught him to walk and trot underneath me so it looks like I’m riding him. He stops and turns and backs up and everything. He looks like a regular midget cutting horse.


Kayden, are you an objectivist and how did you get into Ayn Rand?

agree with a lot of the social points that objectivism makes. It puts the incentives in the right place so free riders are eliminated and motivation to succeed and gain knowledge becomes intrinsic again. I like that it demands reason and consistency and points out the problems with people who have an undeserved sense of entitlement even when its not politically correct. I took a lot of philosophy classes when I first started college but the person who turned me on to ayn rand was actually a regular at a strip club. He brought in Atlas Shrugged as a gift. To answer your question, I’m not a die hard objectivist but my views fall in line with this philosophy more than any of the others I’ve studied.

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