Jelly vs Silicone Dildos

What's the Difference Between Jelly and Silicone Dildos?

It's an age-old question posed to many dildo connoisseurs: jelly or silicone? Of course, there's nothing that says you can't have one (or more) of each, but if you're just starting off, are on a tight budget or have specific needs, it helps to know the facts about each. You can start right now by browsing through our selection online at Adam & Eve and seeing if any tickle your fancy . . . or anything else.

Jelly dildos are beautiful to look at—their shimmering, translucent appearance lends itself well to a wide range of colors. These soft, sensual toys can feel extremely lifelike and will warm quickly to your body temperature. They're also very affordable, since jelly is inexpensive to manufacture. However, there are some downsides to this substance: those made with poly vinyl chloride may contain phthalates, which have sparked some worries about health risks. Also, these toys are porous, which means they cannot be sterilized. You can alleviate some risks by using these dildos with condoms.

Jelly vs Silicone: Explore Your Options Carefully

Sex toys made with silicone can be shared safely, with proper cleaning before and after each use, because silicone is nonporous, which means it will not absorb any bacteria. Simply boil it to sterilize it thoroughly or wash it in a 10-percent bleach solution. Some people also prefer silicone for their private pleasure pals because this substance is odor free--no harsh or unpleasant rubber smell! These sex toys are also extremely durable, which might make spending a little more an appealing prospect.

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