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Steps for Using a Penis Pump

Using a penis pump is pretty straightforward and very rewarding if you follow a few basic steps.

Step 1 - Begin by sliding your cock through the open end of the penis pump tube and pressing the tube firmly against your crotch. Be sure that the mouth of the penis pump tube has some sort of rubber or jelly sleeve. Adam and Eve even sells replacement sleeves if you need one. This sleeve makes using your penis pump more comfortable, while also giving you a tighter seal. A strong seal makes the penis pump more efficient and effective. It also keeps your balls from getting sucked inside, an uncomfortable experience that you definitely want to avoid.

Step 2 - While holding the tube securely in place with one hand, use your other hand to start pumping away. Every pump removes air from inside the penis pump tube. After a few pumps, you’ll create an air-tight vacuum inside the tube. This vacuum pulls on your penis tissue and draws additional blood into your shaft to make your cock longer and thicker. Most penis pumps come with clear tubes, so you can visually monitor your progress and watch your cock grow bigger and bigger. Higher quality penis pumps even include pressure gauges so you can monitor the vacuum tight seal.

Step 3 - After reaching your desired size, press the release button to instantly break the vacuum-tight seal and easily remove the penis pump. Once you get the penis pump completely off, you should slip a cock ring around the base of your shaft. The cock ring limits blood flow from your penis, so it will help preserve your newly enhanced cock. There will still be a certain amount of shrinkage once you remove the penis pump, but the cock ring will help keep that to a minimum. Be sure to limit the time you use your penis pump and cock rings to less than 30 minutes for safety.

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