How to Use Ben Wa Balls

Getting Fit with Ben Wa

You can go to the gym every day and fail to strengthen your most intimate muscles--for that, you'll need Ben Wa balls and a few tips on how to use them. These small, weighted spheres were originally intended to enhance sex for men--they love the feel of the balls when you insert them right before penetration--but women also greatly enjoy the increased feeling of fullness and the pressure that Ben Wa balls provide.

Ben-Wa balls are one of the most misunderstood and under-appreciated sex toys on the market. They are admittedly unusual compared to vibrators or dildos, but Ben-Wa balls offer a diverse set of benefits that should please even the most demanding user.

Ben-Wa balls are a balls varying in size. These balls contain a weighted ball bearing that moves inside the balls whenever you shake them, or walk, or vacuum (you get the idea). If you’ve ever tried a pair of Chinese worry balls, Ben-Wa balls feel and work similarly but are much smaller. They produce a varied, grinding-type of sensation that provides superior vaginal or anal stimulation. There are also Ben Wa Balls that are connected with a string and others that vibrate.

How to Use Ben Wa Balls to Strengthen Your PC Muscles

Ben Wa balls can be used to strengthen the PC, or pubococcygeus, muscles. These muscles stop the flow of urine and can also tighten and strengthen the vaginal opening. Many women want to pump up their PC muscles for sexual enhancement, especially after having children or as they age. Using Ben Wa balls in this manner is simple: make a selection (plastic if you're a newbie), and insert them into your vagina as you would a tampon. Now go about your day as usual, concentrating on using your muscles to hold them inside your body.

Try it for a couple of hours each day, sticking close to home and avoiding strenuous activity until you're certain you can keep the Ben Wa balls securely inside. As your muscles gain strength, you can graduate to heavier, metal versions to challenge yourself. You'll certainly feel the difference during sex--when your lover enters you, give him a good squeeze to show off your hard work!

Of course, Ben Wa balls are used purely for pleasure, as well. Many women report feelings of arousal while these toys are inside them, due to the pressure and additional sensations they yield. At Adam & Eve, we offer vibrating Ben Wa balls and much more.

Ben-Wa Ball Stimulation

The main attraction is that Ben-Wa balls provide constant stimulation whenever you move and the motion of the balls is completely random so you never know what to expect and you never get accustomed to the sensations like one can with vibrators or other sex toys.

Ben-Wa balls are especially beneficial for Kegal exercises, which strengthen a woman’s pelvic muscles. By squeezing and releasing the balls, you can drastically improve the benefits of Kegal workouts while also rewarding yourself with enhanced pleasure. Ben-Wa balls are also quite enjoyable to work in and out of the vagina or anus because their shape differs so much from the straight shaft found on so many other sex toys. Many users find the new shape to be stimulating just for the sake of variety.

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