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All About Adult Movies

There are dozens of adult movie studios operating in the United States - from small-scale adult movie outfits in someone’s garage to multi-million dollar adult movie companies that release hundreds of adult movie titles every year. Each of these adult movies is divided into scenes - one adult movie scene equals one sexual encounter. Adult movies with original content contain between 5 and 10 adult movie scenes. Each adult movie scene lasts between 10 and 30 minutes.

Sexual acts in adult movies vary greatly depending on the category and theme of the adult movie, topics which are covered later in this adult movie guide. However, there are some standard adult movie sexual acts. For instance, oral and the missionary position can be found in virtually every adult movie scene. Provided it’s not an all-girl adult movie scene, you also can expect male ejaculation.

The extra storage space on adult movie DVDs allows adult movie studios to package bonus material with their adult movie titles. While the adult movie bonus material varies depending on the adult movie studio, there are usually pictures, a biography of adult movie stars and a collection of money shots from the adult movie. Some adult movie DVDs contain bonus scenes or collections of specific sexual acts like blowjobs pulled from the adult movie.

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