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Sex Lubes & Condoms Guide

Lubes & Condoms

All About Lubes & Condoms

Condoms and lubes are perhaps the most commonly over looked adult products. Most people view them as ancillary products to sex toys and movies but condoms and lubes are in fact an integral part of any healthy, active and enjoyable sex life.

Condoms are super for many practical reasons not the least of which are pregnancy prevention and disease control / prevention. If you’re not ready to start a family and are actively having sex, we sell condoms in packs of 75 pack; get one it’s money well spent. And no one wants to catch anything so be safe and wrap it – especially if you have anal sex. Aside from the primary uses of condoms they are great for use with sex toys – slip a condom on your favorite dildo, have fun and slip the condom off when you’re done. Practically no clean-up needed. In that same vein condoms are great for jacking off. Slide a lubricated condom over your penis and, well, get busy. Once your done, take the condom off and dispose of it – easy clean-up and depending on what you usually use when you burn one off, less laundry.

Sex lubes are equally practical and Adam and Eve encourages everyone to use lube during any sex act. Sex Lubes come in so many varieties these days it’s hard to find one you don’t like.

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