Love Doll Maintenance

Proper Care and Cleaning for Your Love Doll

Cleaning and caring for a love doll properly is very important--after all, you spend some very intimate moments with her, and you want her to be fresh and ready for you at all times. Love dolls have openings that can be difficult to reach, and it's important that they remain clean and dry so that mildew and bacteria aren't allowed to grow.

Proper storage of your love doll is also important. Whether your little lady is made of vinyl or latex, you'll want to store it, deflated, in a secure box or bag and keep it out of the way of feet or sunlight. If you use your love doll frequently, you may choose to hang it in your closet for easy access. If you choose this method, hang it over the cross bar of a padded or thick wooden or plastic hanger--not a wire hanger, which can create indentations and creases.

Tips and Tricks for Love Doll Maintenance

Here are some helpful hints for keeping your blow up doll fresh and clean like a spring morning.

  • •You can use a commercially made solution like our Essentials Toy Cleaner here at Adam & Eve, or simply use antibacterial soap and warm water
  • •It's possible to give your love doll a quick cleaning while it's still inflated, but if you really want to clear out the nooks and crannies, deflate it and soak it in a basin
  • •If your love doll has hair, you probably won't want to get it wet--keep the head out of the water and wrap it in a towel for protection
  • •If your fantasy girl is made of vinyl, you can disinfect it in a 10-percent bleach-and-water solution

By followign these simple tips you can get countless hot dates from your lady.

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