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Best Sex Toys

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What are the best sex toys? Good question, but with so many great sex toys out there, it's like asking "what are the best cars?"

If it's a high performance sports car you want, then a boxy soccer mom van is not going to help much.

It's easier to get the Best Sex Toys when you know what it is you're trying to accomplish. Stimulation? Orgasm? Couples' play? All of the above?

For the sake of simplicity we've broken this question down into three groups of sex toy users –– Couples, Women and Men.

Best Sex Toys for Couples

Almost any sex toy can be used with a partner. However, when shopping and researching toys for couples, you’re looking for something that tickles (literally) both party’s fancy.

Penis enhancers, like a vibrating cock ring, add pleasure for both partners. A small, simple, vibrator is often a great sex toy to use during couple’s play also. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, try adding a little bondage to your repertoire. Restraints, cuffs or whips can add excitement and pleasure to any couple’s sexual rendezvous.

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Best Sex Toys for Women

With some studies claiming as many as 15% of women never orgasm during sex, any adult toy that helps a woman achieve the “big O” obviously deserves the title of “best sex toy” for women.

The most popular sex toy for women has to be the vibrator. There are numerous styles offering different types of stimulation (g-spot, clit, etc).

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Best Sex Toys for Men

Get ready for two schools of thought here. One is geared towards the more obvious school of penis pleasuring. Just adding a great sex lube for manual stroking by hand works for a lot of guys, making ole’ Rosie Palm the best sex toy for a man.

Or go one step further with a stroker sleeve or masturbator, complete with shaft-stiffening stimulators inside.

Other men have discovered the joy of prostate stimulation, finding orgasms through the back door to be extremely pleasurable.

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