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Best Sex Toys for Women

What's the best sex toy for a woman? The answer is any sex toy that helps a woman achieve orgasm, of course!

After looking at several third-party surveys, here are the 10 Best Sex Toys you can get –– and enjoy –– from Adam & Eve.

Dare To Be Bare Shave Cream (Item #R113)
The grooming and even removal of milady's pubic hair is a trend that won't go away. Whether it's your bikini line or the whole kitty, this vegan-friendly formula uses all natural hemp seed oils to keep you bare without unsightly bumps. See if less hair encourages more oral foreplay!

Climax Bursts Warming Lube (Item #F059)
Rub this water-based lube into each other's skin for a delightful warming effect on your erogenous zones! Enhanced with natural aphrodisiacs yohimbe and horny goatweed to help the mood –– and it has Vitamin E for healthier skin!

The Better Sex Guide to the Kama Sutra DVD (Item #4736)
Did ancient astronauts help build the pyramids and hand down sexual wisdom? Probably not. Now you can learn from attractive couples the skills needed for sensual massage, intense clitoral stimulation and deepest penetration.

Adam & Eve Clit Dancer Waterproof Mini-Massager (Item #M594)
This "pocket rocket" is perfect for "me time" in or out of the tub. Use as is or use any one of 4 interchangeable attachments for long luxurious sessions –– or quickies!

Cyberglass Four-Way G (Item #F293)
Lubed up glass just feels simply sinful! This textured wonder can help you explore vaginal and anal thrills with the easiest clean-up of any sex toy –– your dishwasher.

Wild G-Spot Vibrator (Item #A671)
We have a lot of rabbit style vibrators. This one is curved to hug your G-Spot until you can't stand it –– that is, unless you turn on the clitoral vibe first! Waterproof.

My Mini Miracle Massager Pleasure Kit (Item #U397)
First, never worry about having enough batteries on hand –– this one's electric! Comes with attachments for either clitoral or deep vaginal penetration. Also feels great on tired muscles and stiff necks!

Extreme Toyz Collection (Item #U999)
This kit is a sex party waiting to happen! Anything and everything you can possibly do with a sex toy is in this kit –– perfect for solo and couples fun. Don't forget the lube!

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