Ben Wa Ball Sex Toys

What are Ben Wa Balls

Ben-Wa balls are one of the most misunderstood and under-appreciated sex toys on the market. They are admittedly unusual compared to vibrators or dildos, but Ben-Wa balls offer a diverse set of benefits that should please even the most demanding user.

Ben-Wa balls are specialized balls for beads that can be connected or individual. These beads contain a weighted ball bearing that moves inside the balls whenever you shake them. If you’ve ever tried a pair of Chinese worry balls, Ben-Wa balls feel and work similarly but are much smaller. They produce a varied, grinding-type of sensation that provides superior vaginal or anal stimulation.

Ben-Wa Ball Stimulation

The main attraction is that Ben-Wa balls provide constant stimulation whenever you move and the motion of the balls is completely random.  That means you never know what to expect and you never get accustomed to the sensations, which can happen with vibrators or other sex toys.

Ben-Wa balls are especially beneficial for Kegal exercises, which strengthen a woman’s pelvic muscles. By squeezing and releasing the balls, you can drastically improve the benefits of Kegal workouts while also rewarding yourself with enhanced pleasure.

Ben-Wa balls are also quite enjoyable to work in and out of the vagina or anus because their shape differs so much from the straight shaft found on so many other sex toys. Many users find the new shape to be stimulating just for the sake of variety.

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