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10 Discreet Sex Toy Essentials For Your Vacation

Fingo's Nubby Finger Vibrator
It's only 2" long and 1" wide –– packs a punch when you slip it on and turn your finger into textured vibrator.
Free batteries included.

Delight 7 Function Bullet
If you love bullet vibes, go for this 7-speed devil. A separate controller lights up in the dark.

Lolli Poppers Anal Vibrator
Whether you're an avowed anal play lover or wish to introduce your partner to it while on vacation, this
multi- speed 4" x 1.25" treat makes it easy to use and easier to pack –– into your suitcase!

Bree's Sweet Swirl Glass Vibe
We love the FREE travel/storage pouch that comes with this sweet 2" x 1" sex toy! Glass feels wonderful,
especially when lubed and 5 different speeds should keep you busy...and coming!

Bango Vibrating Pleasure Ring
Here's cock ring she'll love as much as he does! A vertical head design vibe is built-in to buzz her clit
during intercourse –– while a dangling metal balls tease her "taint" like nothing else. Free batteries included.

Astroglide 2.5 oz
This lube is under the 3 oz. per-item limit set by the Transportation Security Administration. Pack it with
your toothpaste and shampoo. Oh, and yes, this is a great personal sex lube, too! http://www.tsa.gov/311/index.shtm

Adam & Eve's Marathon Condoms 12-pack
You don't have to pack all twelve of these lubricated and durable condoms, but you never know, right?
Coated on the inside with climax control desensitizer so you can keep going longer than usual.

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