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Gonzo Sex Movies

What are Gonzo Sex Movies?


Gonzo sex movies can be hard to describe, even some people in the adult movie industry have problems finding a good description for gonzo movies. But most adult movie fans agree that gonzo movies involve interaction between the adult stars and the cameraman and/or director. This interaction in gonzo movies can be limited to the director or cameraman asking the stars a few questions or actually having sex with the adult movie star.

Gonzo movies typically start out with the film crew picking up an adult star and inviting them inside their van or back to their hotel. The stars in these adult movies are often "fresh-faces," either brand-new to the adult movie industry or appearing in relatively few movies. The film crew will talk with the starlet, asking her turn-ons, orgasms, etc. The director or cameraman will often pull the adult movie star’s shirt or pants down for some close-up shots. In most gonzo adult movies, the adult movie director or adult movie cameraman will then film themselves having sex with the adult movie star. However, in some gonzo sex movies, the adult movie crew brings in a male star for this segment of the movie.

Sex in gonzo movie scenes is often fast-paced and takes an anything-goes approach. If you’re looking for exotic positions and acts, gonzo movies are a great start. Many adult movie fans simply can’t get enough of the sheer excitement and sexual energy in gonzo movies. The camera work often consists of detailed close-ups - sometimes the cameraman will film himself getting a blowjob. Adult movie fans are especially fond of these adult movie point of view shots because of the illusion that the viewer is the one getting a blowjob.

The term gonzo comes from a Boston slang phrase referring to the last man standing after a drinking competition. A reporter borrowed the term to describe Hunter S. Thompson’s journalistic approach of becoming part of the action rather than an impartial observer.

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