The Better Sex Video Series For Black Couples 2: Advanced Love Skills

The Better Sex Video Series For Black Couples 2: Advanced Love Skills

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What's your secret sexual fantasy? Is it making love in public? Playing different roles? Or even using sex toys? And does your partner? This video will have you taking about it and experiencing sex like never before. Advanced Love Skills features explicit scenes of couples showing you how to rekindle passion and increase intimacy with your partner through new positions, new techniques and increased communication. Talking about sex with the one you love is one of the best ways to enjoy it more. Our African American sexuality experts provide insight into how couples can live out fantasies by sharing their secrets and their bodies in a loving, intimate way that keeps getting better.

Watch and learn. Advanced Love Skills will help you add more excitement to your sex life by giving you the tools you need to be a better lover. Share the intimacy and the fantasy with someone you love.


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