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Precision Pump Lube 9 Fl oz

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Precision Pump Lube 9 Fl oz Features

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Lube Creates A Stronger Seal For Better Pumping!

From one of the leading makers of penis pumps

Make your shaft larger than ever with the first lube designed for penis pumps!

Silicone-based Pump Lube forms a much stronger seal between the base of the penis pump and your body. This air-tight seal increases the vacuum strength inside the pump, pulling more blood to your shaft and significantly boosting your size without cramping your hands!

Simply apply the lube around the base of the pump before use. You can wipe the lube off with a towel when you’re finished.

Pump Lube is also safe to use during sex. The silky-smooth lube virtually eliminates friction for a long-lasting and super-comfortable experience.

Pump Lube comes in a 9 oz. bottle with a flip-cap lid. The silicone-based formula should not be used with pumps or sex toys made from silicone.

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