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Xplozion Dietary Supplement Features


Men -- Intensify Your Orgasms!

Amaze and please yourself and your partner when you come harder and longer than ever before! XploZion all-natural male virility enhancement supplement increases your body’s semen production for a stronger, more intense orgasm!

You can:
• Come harder with more intense orgasms
• Come longer with more powerful ejaculations
• Come easier and more often
• Produce more ejaculate volume
• Increase your libido and stamina

Unlike typical penis enhancements, XploZion targets the body’s system that supports the male orgasm to increase the volume of ejaculate. It also increases your pleasure receptors, so climaxes are more intense, more frequent and longer-lasting, with faster “re-load” time. XploZion also increases blood flow to the genitals to support and sensitize your erections.

XploZion male virility enhancement is 100% natural, a proprietary blend of proven herbal ingredients that add power, intensity and volume to your ejaculations and promote prostate health. Contains vitamins C, E, B-12, zinc, niacin, L-carnatine, Swedish flower pollen, maca and more. It’s safe, effective and available without a prescription, with no harmful side effects. You’ll notice a definite difference in your orgasms when you use only two capsules of XploZion every day, taken up to one hour before sex.

Your partner can see and feel that you’ve had a mind-blowing orgasm -- and that means more pleasure for both of you!

XploZion works best for male virility if 2 capsules are taken daily. Adam and Eve sells XploZion in a 60-capsule bottle.


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Customer Reviews - Xplozion Dietary Supplement

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so so.....   

Ward on November 24, 2010

At times, it seemed as if there was increased volume, at times, it didnt seem as if there was any....hard to say if it works or doesnt.....for the price, maybe I will try one more time......
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on June 9, 2010

I do cum harder, but haven't seen an increase in my load. Only been taking it a week though. Maybe things will improve more,
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on April 18, 2010

seemes to help, hard to tell, about a week into the bottle, wating see if there is a long term bennefit.
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