Giant Hooters Cake Pan Features


Stuff Their Faces With Your Own Baked Hooters!

Make that bachelor party or other special occasion one that they'll never forget! This 14 1/2" long, 8 1/2" wide Giant Hooters Cake Pan works with regular cake mix or as a gelatin mold. How you top each tasty nipple is up to you –– let your imagination run wild! 

You can also use your authentic Giant Hooters Cake Pan as a sexy serving dish for busty get-togethers!
The Giant Hooters Cake Pan is non-tarnishing and dishwasher safe. It's made of thick and durable aluminum –– just wash, grease and flour this tit-shaped pan before baking. Then bake as you would any other pan. Will they be chocolate tits or vanilla? Now everyone can get a mouthful of bosom!

And don't forget how yummy a pair of jiggly gelatin hooters would look!

For an unforgettable cake at your next adult party, bring out big delicious knockers you made yourself with the help of your Giant Hooters Cake Pan!

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