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G-Female Stimulating Gel
Adam & Eve Lube
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G-Female Stimulating Gel  
Adam & Eve Lube  

G-Female Stimulating Gel

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“Absolutely mind-blowing, sheet-clutching sex!”
As seen in SELF, Cosmo, and Health magazines! 

Just one drop makes sex sensational!  Intensify your every sexual experience with just a single drop of G-Female Stimulating Gel!  This all natural formula is safe to apply and reapply as often as you like.  Simply squeeze a small dollop of gel and massage it around and under the clit, rubbing in slow, gentle circles until you feel the intensity build! 

- Made with L-arginine, Primrose Oil, and natural humectants
- 100% natural, pH balanced
- Water-based, odorless, colorless, tasteless
- Easy-dispensing cap
- 1.9 oz

Get started on the journey to hotter, better, more satisfying sex with G-Female Stimulating Gel.  This sexy secret is for every woman – whether you want to re-ignite that old spark or just want to experience deeper, more intense pleasure.  You can use your G-Female Stimulating Gel for sex with a partner or for solo fun!  This all-natural gel is safe for use with condoms and toys, and might just add a little sexy tingle to your partner’s skin! 

G-Female Stimulating Gel isn’t a warming lube – it’s a female stimulant!  Just applying one small pump of gel gets your juices flowing, and it can be an incredible sensual experience to let your partner help apply the gel and massage you.  It’s also a great way to finish off a full-body massage.  For sensual massage, we recommend Sensual Massage: Massage + Bodyglide, also by Oceanus Sensuals.

For solo explorations, apply the G-Female Stimulating Gel as directed.  Then settle in for a digital experience, or bring your favorite adult toy into the mix.

This silky gel is formulated to be non-irritating and highly arousing!  You’re sure to savor the warm, sensual feelings of G-Female Stimulating Gel.  So if you’re looking for a great way to spice up foreplay – for yourself, or for your partner, you need to hit the ‘G’ spot!

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Customer Reviews - G-Female Stimulating Gel

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on December 10, 2013

Didn't do anything for me. I don't know if that says something about me or the product. Luckily the company who makes it is super nice and understanding and when I told them they refunded my money immediately. They are also sending me an alternate product of my choice, for free.
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real person on February 17, 2015

The product did absolutely nothing for me, tried it 3 times, using more each time giving it longer to kick in. No luck. A lot of money for no result.
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