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Trojan Sensitivity Pack
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Trojan Sensitivity Pack  
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Trojan Sensitivity Pack

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Try Trojan’s most sensitive condoms!

Pack includes 10 latex condoms from Trojan

A collection of Trojan condoms specifically designed for enhanced sensitivity, this sampler is a great way to find which type of condom works best for you.

The Trojan Sensitivity Pack includes the following condoms:

4 Trojan Ultra Thin Condoms
Over 25% thinner than standard condoms, these are thinnest condoms Trojan’s ever made! These ultra thin Trojan condoms give you and your partner the most natural feeling possible while still protecting against pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.

2 ThinTensity Condoms
These special Trojan condoms balance thinness with increased sensitivity and comfort for unforgettable sexual experiences.

2 Her Pleasure Ecstasy Condoms
Uniquely shaped with raised ribs near the base for added stimulation, these Trojan condoms stimulate your partner to help them orgasm even faster. The Trojan condoms use Ultrasmooth Lubricant for added slickness and a more natural feeling.

2 Ultra Thin Trojan 2Go Condoms
Covered in a hard plastic shell to protect against accidental punctures, you can discreetly and safely carry these Trojan condoms wherever you go. The two Trojan condoms combined together are roughly the size of a credit card, making them perfect for carrying around in your wallet.

The Trojan Sensitity Pack comes with 10 assorted latex condoms.

All of the condoms in the Sensitivity Pack are made by Trojan, the leading condom manufacturer in America for over 90 years. Every Trojan condom is made from premium quality latex to ensure they’re the strongest and safest condoms on the market. And each Trojan condom is electronically tested to ensure reliability before even leaving the factory.

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A Change   

Anonymous on June 11, 2014

Texture is different which makes it fun
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