Trojan Pleasures Fire & Ice Condoms

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Trojan Pleasures Fire & Ice Condoms
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Trojan Pleasures Fire & Ice Condoms  
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Trojan Pleasures Fire & Ice Condoms

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Condoms are coated with special warming lube for extra stimulation!

Pack includes 10 latex condoms from Trojan

Made to satisfy you and your partner at the same time, these unique Trojan condoms are sure to boost the passion and excitement in your relationship.

A special dual action lubricant coats both the inside and outside of each Trojan condom. In addition to the usual slickness, this lube also creates a special warming and tingling sensation when it comes into contact with skin – stimulating you both to new heights of pleasure and arousal.

Each pack of Trojan Pleasures Fire & Ice Condoms includes 10 latex condoms.

The Fire & Ice condoms are made by Trojan, America’s #1 condom manufacturer for over 90 years. Each Trojan condom is made from premium quality latex to help reduce the risk as much as possible. And every Trojan condom is electronically tested to ensure reliability.

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  1. Amber asked on
    what size do these come in? I need to get either average or small
    1. Willow replied on
      Customer Service Adam & Eve
      The material stretches to accommodate most size men. These should work fine.
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