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A&E Condom Sampler
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A&E Condom Sampler  
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A&E Condom Sampler

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Sample Adam & Eve’s Hottest Condoms!

Try out the hottest condom sensations from Adam & Eve! This convenient 24 count sampler pack will keep you ready for dozens of wild sexual encounters.

•    Adam & Eve Condom Sampler
•    24 count condom sampler pack
•    6 each of 4 different varieties
•    Adam & Eve Ultra Thins feel like bare skin
•    Adam & Eve Hard Riders with studs for sensation
•    Adam & Eve Ribbed pairs thinness and texture
•    Adam & Eve Marathon with delay lubricant
•    Made from latex
•    Lubricated with reservoir tips

Explore your wild side and stay protected at the same time! Adam & Eve’s Condom Sampler brings together four varieties of customer favorite condoms – so you can try different levels of thickness, sensation, and more.

Love that nothing-at-all feeling? Adam & Eve Ultra Thin condoms are designed to feel as close to bare as possible for amazing pleasure. Yet each offers superior strength and reliability, so you can play with confidence.

Wanna really go buck wild? Reach for Adam & Eve Hard Riders. Rows of raised studs on the shaft stimulate with every thrust to make sex so satisfying. A must for adventurous encounters!

Or get the best of both worlds in one convenient condom with Adam & Eve Ribbed condoms. Made from ultra-thin, ultra-sheer latex, Ribbed condoms are built for long-lasting, energetic sex with textured ribs for ultimate pleasure.

And if you’re tired of racing to the finish line, slip on an Adam & Eve Marathon condom. These condoms include a special pre-applied delay lubricant so you can roll on and keep going strong.

Every condom in the Adam & Eve Condom Sampler is made from high quality latex. This sampler includes 24 condoms, 6 of each variety.

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Adam and Eve

Customer Reviews - A&E Condom Sampler

5 stars   

ReigB on February 6, 2015

Hard rider= awesome!! So far so good.
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Very comfortable.   

Anonymous on February 3, 2015

They are nice. Haven't tried many yet but the ones I have worked great
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great deal!!!!!!!   

JDH on January 14, 2015

I use this brand of condoms just because the adult film industry does. What a great deal and condoms you see, I'm seeing six ladies friends, and there is a saying "all women are different".Well that the truth about that saying well two of them loved the Hard rider and I consider them my hard riders lol. Another two are my fit women that I meet at the gym those two loved the marathon climax control. The other two found the ribbed a more comfortable than other brands and their ribbed condoms, and the last two never did it before with a pink condom and found it ever fun and really enjoyable, and sock to see that it's a real thin and stuff condom to. So my saying on this is, "get it, it's wroth the price"! Just go by the saying "Every woman is Different" !
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