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Lure Pheromone For Him Collection

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Lure Pheromone For Him Collection Features

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Attract The Opposite Sex –– And Save $10.00!

Layer these pheromone-infused products and female heads will turn –– toward you!

• Lure For Him Fascinate Body Spray
Use after shower for day long attraction

• Lure For Him Cologne Spray
Spice scent brings the ladies to you

• Lure For Him Body Massage
Every sensual massage can potentially become a sexual playground

• Lure For Him Personal Lubricant
Makes hot sex even hotter

Used separately or together, a man can ignite untapped passions in the woman –– or women –– around him.

Thanks to scientific research and a dedicated lab team, your Lure Pheromone For Him Collection can put females onto your scent and lock in on y-o-u.

The active pheromone ingredient that lures females to males is put to work for you –– at any party, at work, anywhere there's women.

Adam & Eve recommends the Lure Pheromone For Him Collection to any man who wants to increase his attractiveness to the opposite sex. Whether you're single, dating or married –– an extra boost like this will increase your self-confidence and enhance your relationship in...and out of bed.

The Lure Pheromone For Him Collection is made in USA.

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