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Lure Infatuation body Spray with Pheromones for Her

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Lure Infatuation body Spray with Pheromones for Her Features

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Infatuate The Opposite Sex With Pheromones!

Made In The USA!

Awaken deep, unconscious desires with pheromone power! Infatuation Body Spray’s special formula is based on alpha-androstenol, an attractant pheromone, to dramatically increase your sex appeal.

•    Lure Infatuation Body Spray With Pheromones For Her
•    2oz body aerosol spray contains dozens of applications
•    Infused with pheromones to increase attraction
•    Light floral scent
•    Discreet size fits in purse or travel bag

Put the power of chemistry to work for you! Lure Infatuation Body Spray’s pheromone-infused formula unlocks your full sensual potential and increases attraction from the opposite sex.

After a shower, apply Infatuation Body Spray wherever you desire. This florally-scented body spray smells so good, and its pheromone formula will have him leaning in to inhale your intoxicating scent. Try applying on areas like your neck, cleavage, and wrists for maximum attraction potential.

Lure Infatuation Body Spray can be worn every day or saved for especially sexy occasions. Try using it in conjunction with Lure For Her Pheromone Cologne for a one-two punch of sensual pheromone power.

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