Lure for Her Pheromone Massage Oil

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Maximize Your Massage With Pheromone Power!

Made In The USA!

This slick, rich massage oil hides a secret: it’s infused with pheromones! As you touch, rub, and arouse your lover, you’ll both feel a rush of pheromone-fueled attraction that’ll leave you breathless.

•    Lure For Her Pheromone Massage Oil
•    4 fl. oz in flip top bottle
•    Pheromone formula increases attraction
•    Made with jojoba, olive, & safflower seed oils
•    Pleasant strawberry scent
•    Soothes and moisturizes skin

Put the power of chemistry to use in your bedroom with Lure For Her Pheromone Massage Oil. This incredible massage oil contains jojoba, olive, and safflower seed oils to moisturize and soothe tired skin—but it’s also formulated with androstadienone, a powerful pheromone that arouses deep, unconscious desires.

Begin your sensual massage with Lure For Her Pheromone Massage Oil by drizzling just a little of this super-slick massage oil onto your lover. As you massage, you’ll release a mouthwatering strawberry scent plus intoxicating pheromones. Don’t be surprised if your lover can’t resist turning the tables!

Feel maximum pheromone power by pairing this sensual massage oil with other pheromone-powered Lure For Her Lubricant, Cologne, and Body Spray products (sold separately).

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