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Pheromones Kindle Intense Attraction!

Made In The USA!

Create instant chemistry with this concentrated pheromone cologne for her. Infused with a concentrated pheromone formula, just spray a little onto your neck, cleavage, and wrists to wildly increase your sex appeal.

•    Lure For Her Pheromone Attractant Cologne
•    1 fl oz. spray contains dozens of uses
•    Light powder fresh scent
•    Pheromone formula increases your attraction potential
•    Discreet size slips easily into purse or pocket

Unlock your untapped sexual potential with this sexy little pheromone cologne spray! Lure For Her Pheromone Attractant Cologne is formulated with androstenone, a pheromone that attracts attention from the opposite sex.

Use this pheromone cologne anytime and any place to instantly boost attraction. Its powder fresh scent makes this cologne a great choice for just about any occasion, from the gym to the dance floor. Just uncap the designer glass bottle and spray a little Lure For Her Pheromone Cologne onto your neck, cleavage, and wrists. But be careful—just a little of this potent pheromone cologne goes a long way to attract the attention you deserve.

Make this pheromone cologne your secret weapon on your next date night. Check out other Pheromone-infused Lure For Her products to extend your passionate potential even further.

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Customer Reviews - Lure For Her Pheromone Attrac

too much   

on January 23, 2014

the product has a nice smell almost a cross between baby powder and sweet honesty perfume. start with just a little bit the scent last a very long time. I like to use a small amount first then my regular body spray (a musk works great)
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