Jo Pheromone Spray for Women

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Turn men’s heads wherever you go!

Enhance your dating track record with this new pheromone spray! 

The spray contains a high concentration of pharmaceutical grade pheromones, which trigger strong emotional and physical responses. Some researchers even claim that “love at first sight” is caused primarily by pheromones. The spray temporarily boosts your pheromone level – helping you stand out from the crowd in the competitive dating scene while giving you that extra special something you need for a night of fun, flirting and more!

After taking a warm shower or bath, lightly spray the pheromones once or twice just below the neckline while getting ready to go out. They’ll naturally compliment whatever perfume you choose to wear while helping to snag the man of your dreams.

Jo Pheromone Spray for Women comes in a 5ml pink metallic spray bottle, enough for dozens of applications.

Results may vary.

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Customer Reviews - Jo Pheromone Spray for Women

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Got to love it!!!   

on November 29, 2012

Just have to say that it does it job and that I LOVE IT! I will be keeping this with me at all times. This product worked on a guy who did not want to have sex anymore and just wants to live together he takes care of himself and I do the same. See we still sleep in the same bed and he will still hold me. That is hard on me because I still love him and want to have sex. So I thought I would be a little mean and give this a try. I am sure if you try this product too you will love it just as much.
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