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Jo Pheromone Spray for Men
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Jo Pheromone Spray for Men  
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Jo Pheromone Spray for Men

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Get swamped by horny women!

This new pheromone spray is just the boost your dating track record needs!

The spray is loaded with a high concentration of pharmaceutical grade pheromones, which the body uses to trigger strong emotional and physical responses like “love at first sight.” The spray temporarily boosts your pheromone level to help attract the attention of that special someone. And that confidence-boosting edge is all you need to close the deal with the woman of your dreams!

After taking a shower, spray the pheromones once or twice on your neck while getting dressed. They’ll naturally compliment your cologne while helping catch your ideal woman.

Jo Pheromone Spray for Men comes in a 5ml black metallic spray bottle, giving you dozens of applications.

Results may vary.

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better luck next time   

on April 1, 2013

I bought this product to try it out. When I received the package I opened it and the bottle had leaved all inside the container it came in. All I had was six sprays before it was empty. Very dissatisfied.
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