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Duracell AA Batteries (2 pack)
Sex! Card Game
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Duracell AA Batteries (2 pack)  
Sex! Card Game  

Duracell AA Batteries (2 pack)

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Keep your vibrators and sex toys going for longer than ever!

Duracell delivers long-lasting power and performance for even the most demanding sex toys! No other battery will keep your vibrators humming as long or as strong as Duracell!

Each pack contains 2 AA batteries.

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Customer Reviews - Duracell AA Batteries (2 pack)

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too much juice!!!!   

on May 4, 2008

We had a couple great vibrators just konk out, after like 2 weeks. We later spoke with a sales person at a local "toy" store, and he explained that these batteries have a problem with actually burning up the little motors in our toys :( He recommended the lesser expensive batteries for toy longevity, because they dont put out as much of the surges of electricity to them. Going out to buy new batteries takes a lot less time than waiting for your new toy to be shipped to you 'cuz the other one burned out... Word.
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