I've Never Game Cards Features


Have you ever…
Funnier than ever!

Learn your partner’s most intimate secrets and your friends’ most embarrassing stories with a new sex-themed version of the popular drinking game!

Every card is a new question about orgies, personal sex kinks, past hook-ups and more. There’s a series of fun actions (mostly involving drinking but you can also make up your own sexier responses) to do after everyone finishes spilling their guts.

The cards are great for bar hopping, partying with friends or just helping to break the ice. And when you’re finished playing, you’ve got a whole list of fun things to try with your partner to get ready for the next game!

Sample cards include:
- I’ve never had sex on my roommate’s bed.
- I’ve never made out with more than three people in one night.
- I’ve never worn another person’s underwear.
- I’ve never been caught having sex in a public place.

Includes 100 more question cards and 10 make up your own question cards.

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