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We didn't change the game of poker––just the chips you wager with! This sexy, fun-loving game is played like traditional poker with explicitly erotic his 'n' her chips that spell out what you win! HE may have to be a 3 minute sex slave, or SHE may give up the taboo position of his choice! A great way to learn poker if you don't know already! Includes card deck, chips, rules and card rankings. You can't lose!

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Little Genie

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on January 31, 2009

this is a good game we hand a party and we played men against women what ever team had the highest hand one and all the other had to perform on all the others
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This game was WILD!   

John and Dawn in Cleveland on August 11, 2008

Ok, So I bought this game about a year ago, or maybe more. Well we brought it out last night for the first time. She had never played poker before. We both wanted to have a little fun together so we pulled this game out. Here is a little tip. There is a card inside the box that has the rules of poker. The REAL instructions are on the outside of the box. Anyhow, wehn ipulled it out and we looked at it. I thought to myself. Well this is going to be a little weird.. I wonder if this will be fun or not. Well we started off with the little kiss my neck ones then we went up to the #2 chips.. and whoa then it got hot. My wife gave me her first ever striptease and it was hands down the sexiest thing I have ever seen in my life. She opened up and got with the game. Anyhow, We only made it about 10 hands until she was begging me to take her. Awesome game.. brought some spunk back into an already great 14 year marriage. Two open minds, a interest in fun, and this game are an EXCELLENT combination.
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