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Play Together Lickable Massage Game
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Play Together Lickable Massage Game  
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Play Together Lickable Massage Game

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Game Lets You Shake, Massage, & Lick Your Way To Paradise!

Give yourself & your sweetie a delicious new game to play! With the Play Together Lickable Massage Game, you’ll both tickle, kiss, caress, and massage each other until your passion overflows.

Playing is easy: just shake this decorative 4oz bottle of cotton candy flavored massage oil. When the dice inside settle to the bottom, they’ll give you an action and a place to perform it. Your dice might land on ‘Kiss’ and ‘Lips’ or ‘Tickle’ and ‘Neck’. (And two question-marked spaces let you choose the action and place!)

Once you know where to start, use a little of the Play Together Lickable Massage Game’s flavored massage oil to perform the action on your playmate. Dab a little behind her ear for sweet whispers and kisses there, or apply some to his neck and sensuously caress all his inhibitions away. Take turns teasing and tantalizing each other with this sexy adult game.

Or feel free to skip the shaking and get right to the erotic massage! The Play Together Lickable Massage Game’s sweet-scented and deliciously kissable massage oil will get you both in a naughty mood in no time.

For external use only.

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Male, Female


4 oz.


Classic Erotica

Customer Reviews - Play Together Lickable Massage Game

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Novelty only   

nightfun on December 11, 2013

The oil does not taste like cotton candy, has a bad after taste. The oil gums up after a short time rubbing. If you want a massage, get a real massage oil and stay away from novelty this product.
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