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Hump Game
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Hump Game  
Sex! Card Game  

Hump Game

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Spin & Discover Your Lover’s Sexy Secrets!

Find out what turns you both on with this hot adult board game. Hump! The Game makes sexual discovery easy and fun. Challenge your partner to flick the spinner and answer naughty trivia questions from 4 categories: Sex Positions, Foreplay, Unique Experiences, and Down & Dirty! Prove your bedroom knowledge and win the honor of acting out your favorite sexy tip from the game.

•    Hump! The Game
•    For 2 adult players
•    Includes spinner and game rules
•    Includes 100 question cards
•    In English and Spanish

Grab your sweetie, flick the spinner, and draw a card – you’re playing Hump! It’s the hot adult trivia game that challenges your sexual knowledge – and teaches you both new and naughty bedroom facts.

How do you play? Spin to see who goes first, then spin to draw your first card from one of 4 categories. Do you know what a ‘Scotophiliac’ enjoys? Are you familiar with the ‘Twist-And-Swirl’ method? Perhaps you’d like to demonstrate your best ‘Pulse Kiss’ technique? Learn these secrets and more as you both play Hump! The Game. The winner is the first to answer 10 questions correctly. The prize? Acting out your favorite tip from Hump!

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Male, Female


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Customer Reviews - Hump Game

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Hump Game   

on May 5, 2009

It's a good game. You can really only play it so many times because you'll remember the answers. But if you follow the directions, it's worth the times you can play it.
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Not bad...   

Mrs. Rosinbloom on May 4, 2009

Not a teribble game but more for a newer couple. Not for a couple just looking to spice it up a bit. Not that exciting or darring but a nice way to get to know a new sex partner.
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