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Checks For Lovers Features


Couples: Sexy Checks Keep Your Love Life Balanced!

If the day-to-day routine of working and keeping a home together is turning both into brain-dead zombies by the end of the day, your Checks For Lovers will quickly and easily put some zing –– and "balance" –– back into your love life!

It's easy to create fun things to do and places to do them in with these easy to fill out checks and deposit slips.

• Checks For Lovers
• Authentic look and size like real checks
• Different "Pay To Order" idea/activity on each check
• Checks await date, signature, amount and memo line
• 25 checks for her in sexy pink
• 25 checks for him in sensual purple
• 5 deposit slips for her
• 5 deposit slips for him
• Realistic deposit slips make it easy to be creative and sexy
• Checks can be mailed, left on pillow, packed with lunch, placed anywhere to leave a smile
• Each check is approx. 2.5" x 6"

He can give her a check for a helpful and horny handyman, or tie me up bonds, or loyalty and worship (made out to "My Queen")!

She can give him a check for minutes of dirty talk, the horny housekeeper, or whatever he wants while watching TV!

Add new meaning to the phrases "you owe me," "pay you back with interest" and "how can I make this up to you" with sexy Checks For Lovers. Printed to look and feel like real checks, each checkbook comes with 25 checks for her, 25 checks for him and 5 deposit slips each.

Insufficient funds? No problem –– you'll discover new and exciting ways to balance your sex & romance budget.

Take turns writing checks to each other, once a week. That mean your Checks For Lovers checkbook is good for nearly an entire year of romantic fun and sexy good times.

Adam & Eve recommends Checks For Lovers for couples looking to liven up their love life in a fun, light-hearted way.

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Customer Reviews - Checks For Lovers

Very Humorous and Sexy   

T. Simonson on November 14, 2013

The checks themselves are really fun and sexy. I love the campiness of the "Filthy Pig Boy Hotline" and buying Stocks or Bondage with a check.
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