Bedroom Vows Features


Spice Up Your Love Life With Naughty Vows!

Light a fire in your bedroom with these sexy Bedroom Vows. Each box contains 72 vow cards, each with a sensual promise. Slip your partner an invitation for foreplay, oral, a daring lap dance, and more! Or close your eyes, select a random card, and let chance direct your pleasure.

• 72 Bedroom Vows cards
• 3” x 3” folding cards open to reveal an invitation for sexy times
• In pretty purple and white with black lettering
• Romantic and sensual vows
• A fun and sexy way to spice up your love life

Want to start the night off right? Then present your lover with one of 72 unique Bedroom Vows. Each unique vow ranges from the sweet to the very spicy. Invite your lover to role-play a bedroom fantasy, make love to you in a position of their choosing, have chocolate or honey licked from their body, or have their hands tied while you perform oral sex – and those are just a few of the erotic suggestions you’ll find in Bedroom Vows!

Fun, sexy, and makes a great Valentine’s day gift.

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