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Sneaky Sack Toy Storage Bag
Adam & Eve Lube
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Sneaky Sack Toy Storage Bag   
Adam & Eve Lube   

Sneaky Sack Toy Storage Bag

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Discreetly & easily hides your sex toys or valuables!
Multiple storage compartments to keep toys separate

Hides underneath a shirt or dress on any clothes hanger

Whether you live with a bunch of nosy roommates or your kids are too curious for their own good, this discreet storage bag is the perfect way to safeguard your privacy!

• Hide it in your closet underneath any shirt on a clothes hanger
• Large size can hold dozens of vibrators, dildos, penis rings, masturbators, etc.
• 3 interior pockets to separate your sex toys and adult items
• Interior material is resistant to bacterial growth, allowing products to remain clean and germ-free
• Great for use at home or on the road
• Hide personal valuables instead of just sex toys
• Case discreetly looks like a piece of luggage
• Made from double-layered nylon for extra durability
• Waterproof to keep sex lubes or toy cleaners from leaking
• Completely washable for easy cleaning
• Measures 13.5 inches across and 17.5 inches long

The sneaky sack uses two nylon straps that slip around the arms of any clothes hanger. Then simply hang an old sweatshirt over the sneaky sack. (Adam and Eve recommends hiding the sneaky sack under dark-colored bulky objects like an old sweatshirt, sweater or coat to keep it concealed.) The straps are covered by the shoulders and leave the bag hanging below the neckline completely concealed from view! No one will even know the sneaky sack is there except for you! For added security, you can even use a luggage lock, sold separately.

The sneaky sack is designed specifically to store your sex toys. It features three separate pockets to help organize your sex toy collection and keep your toys from potentially damaging each other. The sack is even lined with a special material that inhibits the growth of bacteria and keeps your sex toys cleaner than ever and looking like new.

The travel-friendly sneaky sack looks like a piece of luggage from the outside, letting you easily throw it in a suitcase with your other belongings. Once you reach your destination, just hang the sneaky sack up in the closet like normal so your sex toys will always be with you no matter where you go.

You can even buy a second sneaky sack to hide personal valuables like your passport, camera, jewelry and similar items at home or when you travel.

Made from Lustra, the sneaky sack is very durable and can stand up to even hard use. The interior, made with Soflux, is even waterproof so you can safely use it to store sex lubes and toy cleaner without worrying about it leaking.

The sack measures 17.5 inches long and 13.5 inches wide. The main compartment measures 17.25 inches long and 12.5 inches high. The front pocket measures 12 inches long and 12 inches wide. The back compartment measures 13 inches long and 12.25 inches wide.

Adam and Eve recommends the storage bag for men and women to hide their sex toys and other valuables at home or when traveling.

The sneaky sack is fully washable if you need to clean it.

Due to manufacturer pricing policies, we are unable to offer further (all) discounts on this item.

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Customer Reviews - Sneaky Sack Toy Storage Bag

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easy to conceal   

Anonymous on April 9, 2014

Was able to get all our toys in the bag. It was a little bulky, so may need to get another one. The strap ons were a little bit of an issue getting in the bag, but it worked out fine.
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Works Well But Pricey   

on November 19, 2013

Holds a lot of toys and really does disappear among the clothes in the closet as advertised. And black is a great color (vs the bright red used to make the "Sugar Sak") However, it's a little bit more expensive than it should be for the complexity, materials, and quality. We'll have to see how the hanging straps and zipper closure wear over time...not very sturdy. Might be worth more if it had individual places to "park" vibrators and men toys to keep them from touching or if it was considerably larger (longer). Some of the materials the toys are made of do not play well together if in contact for prolonged timeframes. And it would be nice to have room for batteries and lube. I have a lot of toys from A&E...and like to keep everything I need in one place with easy access. May end up buying another one in the future if I can get it on sale.
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Wish it was a bit bigger   

Umb69 on January 30, 2012

Awese but I wish it was bigger.
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Best offered so far   

on April 17, 2011

I think this is great, I would have liked it a little bit longer and a few more divided pocket areas then it would be even better. Saw this offered in other colors, hoping they get them in A&E.
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i can find all the toys know   

big rick on February 17, 2011

keep your toys clean an safe
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