Max Control Prolong Mist

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Max Control Prolong Mist Features


Stay Harder, Longer –– With Just A Spray!

Keep going past the finish line with just a spritz of Max Control Prolong Mist –– powered by active ingredient Lidocaine!

Max Control Prolong Mist

• Helps reduce male prolong sexual pleasure
• Formulated with Lidocaine...a fast-acting, gentle desensitizing agent
• Quick absorption...less chance of product transference to your partner
• E-Z mist application
• 1 fluid ounce bottle

Upgrade your performance!

• Water-soluble
• Greaseless
• Non-staining
• Fast-absorbing
• Adult toy and latex-friendly

Keep the rhythm going and get longer-lasting sex with Max Control Prolong Mist's desensitizing formula. It contains Lidocaine that's absorbed easily and gently into the skin to slightly numb your penis with a single application. It's great if you're a little too quick on the trigger or for premature ejaculation – or if you just want to pick up the pace and keep going all night long.

Max Control Prolong Mist works fast. All it takes is a small spray directly onto the head of your penis. In just a minute or so you'll be ready to thrill your partner for as long as you like.

And Max Control Prolong Mist is odorless and flavorless. Greaseless, too, so it won't stain your sheets or her sexy lingerie.

Please note that Max Control Prolong Mist performance enhancing spray contains Lidocaine, which is a mild numbing agent.

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