Extenze HT 5 Tab Pack Features


For Stronger, Harder, Faster, Bed-Rocking Sex!

From the makers of Extenze!

Supercharge your body and your libido with this revolutionary new supplement. Extenze HT uses proven ingredients like GABA, DHEA, Pregnenolone, and Fish Oil to support increased testosterone and boost your energy, vitality, muscle mass, and sex drive. See increased results in the gym and long-lasting, harder, more satisfying performance in the bedroom! Includes a 5 day supply.

•    Extenze HT 5 Tab Pack
•    Designed to support increased testosterone
•    Boosts sexual drive and performance
•    Increases energy and vitality
•    Supports increased muscle mass
•    See benefits in the bedroom and the gym
•    Proprietary herbal blend
•    Includes GABA, DHEA, and Pregnenolone
•    5 pack includes a 5 day supply of softgels

Always wanted to describe yourself as a ‘sexual tyrannosaur’? Then get the supplement that’ll help you reach peak sexual performance: Extenze HT! From the makers of #1 selling supplement brand Extenze comes a safe, effective supplement designed to support increased testosterone.

As part of the body’s natural aging process, testosterone production may slow down – leading to a decreased sex drive and drop in libido and performance. But Extenze HT’s proprietary blend of safe, effective ingredients help to boost your body’s ability to build testosterone, giving you increased sexual desire, performance, vitality, and energy. You’ll also see better, faster results in the gym.

Extenze HT is made with GABA, a powerful amino acid used by bodybuilders; Pregnenolone, a building block of hormones (such as testosterone); DHEA, a precursor of testosterone; Fish Oil, to promote overall health; and the antioxidant Rosemary Extract.

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