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Our top-performing male delay cream!

Extend your love-making as long as you want!

“It really works. Bottom line. I've been lasting longer than I ever thought possible. 40 minutes to an hour. I can finish when I want with a little concentration, & when I do finish, it's really intense. This is the best product of this type that my wife & I have ever purchased.” –Adam & Eve customer

Forget all the mumbo-jumbo talk about special ingredients and secret Asian formulas passed down for centuries. Adam & Eve customers have been using Tong Balm for decades, and that’s the only endorsement that really matters. If Tong Balm didn’t work, then we would have stopped selling it years ago!
• Enhances your sensations instead of numbing or desensitizing
• Boosts muscle control so you can orgasm when you want to
• Follow the directions closely for best results
• Apply to your tip once an hour for three hours before sex
• Becomes more effective the longer you use it
• Results may vary depending on a number of factors
Most products claiming to delay ejaculation work by desensitizing or numbing the nerves in the penis, but Tong Balm actually enhances your sensation. Instead, the cream delays your ejaculation by increasing your self control. By enhancing and improving your muscular control, Tong Balm lets you exercise a new level of control over your orgasm. You’ll be able to fully satisfy your partner, improve your relationship, and never be called a “minute man” again. Tong Balm lets you climax when you want to… not before and not after.
For best results, you need to closely follow the directions included with your order. As a general outline, you start by placing a small dab of Tong balm underneath the tip of the penis three hours before sex. Apply another small dab two hours before sex and a third dab one hour before sex.
The key to using Tong Balm is to apply a very small amount at a time. If you apply too much, the product won’t work. Proper use of Tong Balm requires some experimentation, so don’t be discouraged if your first results aren’t what you expected. On the positive side, Tong Balm becomes more and more effective the longer you use it so your experiments will prove beneficial in the long run.
Please note that results of Tong Balm may vary depending on the user’s physical condition, body chemistry and other factors.
Tong Balm comes in a small plastic case with pop-on lid. Don’t be discouraged by the size – the case contains enough cream for dozens of applications and hours of steamy sex!
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Waste of time!   

on December 6, 2013

Bought this product based on the reviews and it has not worked. I did follow the directions each time I tried it and it made getting erect difficult if not impossible. The one time I did become erect with this product, I still only lasted a few minutes. Save your money.
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Didn't work, and it burns   

on January 7, 2014

I tried this Tong Balm a few times because I have really bad P.E. (orgasms within 20-30 seconds sometimes) While others complain of not being able to sustain an erection, I was able to just fine. But I noticed no difference in performance. On top of that, it burned my penis, EVERY time I tried it! Like, Really burned. So I do not recommend this product, unless you enjoy the sensation of your penis burning. I do not enjoy the feeling of a burning penis so I am going to pass.
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Killed my penis for a week!   

on February 13, 2014

Followed the directions and I couldn't have used this more sparingly if I kept the package away from me and just waved it in the air. It made my head burn and it wouldn't get hard for a several days and the burning feeling lasted for about 4 days. Good for the others it worked for, but it sure killed my love life.
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didnt do a thing   

on February 14, 2014

it made him tingle and cu-m just the same as he always does. There was no difference at all. I wish we didn't have to go through the whole "apply every hour three times" only to see no results. We were horny the whole time and struggled not to jump on each other. Disappointed.
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on August 11, 2014

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