2 To Tango Pleasure Kit For Couples

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2 To Tango Pleasure Kit For Couples Features


Make Your Sex Magical With His & Her Sex Lubes!

Learn an electrifying new dance of intimacy with System Jo’s 2 To Tango Pleasure Kit For Couples. Get in the mood fast with this set of two couples’ wet lubes! Each unique wet lube formulation contains a special blend of ingredients to stimulate, arouse, and prolong lovemaking – good for pulse-racing night after night!

• Set of two 2oz bottles
• Two unique formulas
• For Her: personal female lube enhances sensation, gratification, intimacy
• For Him: personal male lube intensifies desire and prolongs lovemaking
• Pump bottles for easy, accurate dispensing
• Up to 50 applications per bottle
• Condom safe

Give your bedroom performance power a huge boost with the 2 To Tango Pleasure Kit! This double-pack of exciting sex lubes go to work immediately to enhance your desire. Just a drop or two (or more!) of these intimate lubes will have you both in clawing-the-sheets ecstacy!

FOR HER: Apply female lube directly to your most sensitive spots, including the clit and labia, and gently massage. What’s that tingle? It’s the start of the excitement! Use as much of this intimate lube as you like to enhance your sensitivity and feel incredible sensations with every glide and slide.

FOR HIM: Apply men’s lube directly to your shaft for exhilarating sensation and a harder, stronger erection ready for an amazing session of pleasure. You can apply more at any time for an extra boost, and can even apply it before you put on a condom – it’s absolutely latex safe.

Each travel-friendly bottle of sex lube provides 50 applications. And when things are getting hot and heavy, the easy-pump cap will dispense the perfect amount of exciting wet lube with just a fingertip’s touch. No spills, just thrills!

System Jo’s 2 To Tango Pleasure Lube Kit For Couples is the perfect joining of excitement and pleasure – and every night of yours should be the same way. Amp up your bedroom action with 2 To Tango Sex Lubes today!


Women’s: Cyclopentasiloxane, cyclotetrasiloxane, Dimethiconol, Dimethicone, Menthol

Men’s: Methyl Paraben, Propyl Paraben, Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose, Propylen Glycol, Benzocaine, Mentha Piperita, Peg 8, Water

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Male, Female


System Jo


4 oz.

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